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Tom Martin & Associates/TMA are a Dublin, Ireland-based management and marketing consultancy that supports client companies and organisations to:

Our expertise lies in sourcing, collecting and analysing the data that can help our clients in the public and private sectors to better know theirs.

Since TMA's establishment in 1988, our clients — both in Ireland and internationally — readily acknowledge our professionalism and value for money. They also appreciate our rigorous and insightful data analysis and our proficiency in presenting our findings in a clear and engaging style.

[NEW] TMA contribute to research on SMEs in European Regions and Cities commissioned by the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme

Small and medium sized enterprises make up the backbone of the European economy, and consequently it is a key area of policy focus for the ESPON 2020 Programme which aims to promote and foster a European territorial dimension in development and cooperation by providing evidence, knowledge transfer and policy learning to public authorities and other policy actors at all levels. The main objective of the study was to map and analyse the territorial patterns and performance of SMEs in Europe, and to propose territorial development strategies that can be considered in different regions and cities to further strengthen the development and sustainability of SMEs.

The research project was undertaken by a consortium led by ÖIR (Austrian Institute for Regional Studies and Spatial Planning) along with KMU Forschung Austria (Austrian Institute for SME Research), Spatial Foresight (Luxembourg), VVA Europe (UK), the Oxford Group (Denmark) and the Centre for European and Local Studies (Poland). TMA were contracted by the consortium to prepare, compile and analyse the relevant regional SME data for Ireland.

ESPON has published the research report which can be accessed here: https://www.espon.eu/sme

KMU Forschung Austria, VVA Europe, the Oxford Group and TMA are all members of ENSR, the European network for Social and Economic Research.

Agora Consulting

TMA is a founder member of Agora Consulting Limited which provides market access and reimbursement consultancy services to the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors with a European focus.

For further details, visit Agora Consulting